Album Review | MC Frontalot’s Net Split, or The Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself.

First of all I want to thank MC Frontalot for giving me and the guys the opportunity to listen to this album early. I’ve been listening to nerdcore for many years now and Frontalot was the first one I really listened to(not counting MC Chris/ MC Pee Pants). I discovered him through Penny Arcade and then watched the excellent Nerdcore Rising movie. Since then I have become enamored with the genre. Some of my favorites artists include Schaffer The Darklord, MC Lars, YTCracker, Optimus Rhyme, and many others. I’m going to give a pretty general overview of some of the songs and the YouTube links as well. I will say that this Album is absolutely worth the purchase. It’s a classic Frontalot album with some very serious messages. Classic front a lot sound with a topping of heavier than normal instrumentals. If you are interested in hearing me,Bryman and BlackBeard Bob explain our opinion on it in greater depth take a listen to our Podcast here.

Frontalot’s new album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify! or if you want to buy a physical CD you can do that here, MC Frontalot CD.

Also I cant recommend enough seeing MC Frontalot in person. He puts on a fantastic show and is a genuinely awesome person to meet! I saw him in….good lord, 2010….here’s a photo. Which is about when i started getting really into nerdcore, so almost a decade I’ve been listening to the dude! Oh here’s a link to his gig calendar.

Ok, here’s what I thought of a few songs!

Internet Sucks

I love the concept of a love letter to the internet. Song is toooo real. Feels like a very classic Front song. I can really relate to the feeling of spending so much time on it only to hear about something terrible, “The Internet” has done.

Memes are Stupid

This feels like a song from an older album, romantic cheapskate time period. “If you’ve got something to say, say something.”is the exact reason why I hate memes as well. Half the time I don’t know what the hell they’re trying to say with the meme anyway! Frontalot talking about in the background during the chorus is pretty great,

I Hate Your Blog(Unplugged)

Initial reaction: holy shit. This is so good. Extremely fitting for this album. Quelle Chris keeps the song fresh, the unplugged feel of it is a lot of fun. The beginning with his “I….Aye aye Captain” nearly made me spit my drink out.

DDoS Featuring Quelle Chris

This beat sounds so damn cool! This feels very different from normal Frontalot track. Quelle Chris sounds like a villainous hacker. This could be an entrance song for a pro wrestler whose gimmick is a hacker with the DDoS finisher, definite denial of Superstardom.

Bad Nerd Featuring Corn Mo

Corn Mo’s vocals lend an awesome Meatloaf style vocals to the song that sounds so good. I like that the beat kinda sounds like the CD is skipping, something I think is almost forgotten about today. The idea of the album being about how the internet is mean and cruel, a song pleading with nerds not to be bad is very fitting.

IWF Featuring E-Turn, LEX the Lexicon Artist, Miss Eaves, and Starr Busby

I was kinda hoping this song was about an “Internet Wrestling Federation” But was pleasantly surprised to hear a plethora of female nerdcore rappers which is not something i’m very familiar with. Frontalot has introduced me through his music to some of my favorite artists so this is very exciting for me. It’s definitely a self deprecating kind of song, and the kind of humor I tend to use. “why are you internetting while you’re female? why are you on the line at all?” is a horrible thing to say but is somehow a pretty common thought, and this song shows why its so stupid.


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