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Album Review | MC Frontalot’s Net Split, or The Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself.

First of all I want to thank MC Frontalot for giving me and the guys the opportunity to listen to this album early. I’ve been

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Is Lance ready for John Cena? | FewTrueHeels Extra

Please support us on Patreon so we can make a set for a video podcast(which just means fixing up Bryan’s garage) and send us on

Big Ass Versus Daniel Bryan Backlash Cass

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Big Ass Versus Daniel Bryan | Backlash 2018 | Funny

Am I right?  -BestintheRealm

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The grind to 380 in Destiny 2 will be harder, yay?

According to Bungie’s weekly update which you can find here, the cap to get to 380 with the new Warmind expansion will take much longer

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Let’s hope they don’t mess this up. Destiny 2 “Warmind” expansion announced

Finally the devs at Bungie have announced the release date of May 8th for the new Destiny 2 expansion. Along with new details on how

Destiny 2 Faction Rally Wallpaper

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Destiny 2 Faction Rally Wallpaper

Just a quick wallpaper I made featuring my characters. 

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We’re just getting started…

This is our story that started almost 1 year ago with just a let’s play channel and a wrestling podcast! Now i’ve been joined by

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The Untitled Story: Many Demons

The Traveler walks into the gross, dimly lit bar. It looks a little bit better than the rest of the city, maybe just less bullet

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FewTrueVillains Break down Star Wars ” The Last Jedi” Final Trailer

Jacob “BestintheRealm” and Neodin break down the Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Trailer. You can find our Facebook page here! Check out our website

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Idiot man children fight over ball at MLB game.

Title says it all, and people make fun of wrestling fans.

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