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The unnamed story: Synopsis

China decided instead of attacking America on the California coast, they tore through Europe destroying most of its people, its land, and its resources along

Bryans Try Gundam and Bear

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Gundam Tabletop RPG

So after spending a few weeks looking for a Gundam table top game, I finally found one I thought would fulfill my need. But sadly

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Fire Emblem: Fates Hoshido mobile wallpaper

So occasionally I like to make art and I’ve always enjoyed making my own wallpapers and I haven’t done it in quite a while. I’ve

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Nebula,A WWE Champion and the God of Death walk into a bar

Today Netfix and Columbia pictures dropped two awesome trailers. Netflix dropped their creepy adaptation of the popular manga and anime “Death Note”. This one I

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Versus versus

So for my first article I figured I would go for a controversial one, why not right? I have watched, and been a part of,

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Here goes something….

A collaboration of some of the most creative, intelligent and clever people I know. Past that I have no idea. We’ll have a variety of

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