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Future WWE Championship suggestions

I was inspired by Mick Foley’s reveal of the 24/7 championship! Its such an original unique idea I came up with some of my own,

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Let’s hope they don’t mess this up. Destiny 2 “Warmind” expansion announced

Finally the devs at Bungie have announced the release date of May 8th for the new Destiny 2 expansion. Along with new details on how

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Idiot man children fight over ball at MLB game.

Title says it all, and people make fun of wrestling fans.

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Why Payback was a great PPV

I can’t understand how anyone didn’t like this PPV. Did you people like Wrestlemania? probably not. Jericho vs Owens was pretty good and i love

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Here goes something….

A collaboration of some of the most creative, intelligent and clever people I know. Past that I have no idea. We’ll have a variety of

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