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  • Derek bate (?) Vs Rick Buge (V ) with pump handle slamSo they changed Bugenhagen’s name to simply Buge ie seems. Doesn’t take away anything from his character, he’s still fantastic and a highlight of the show. I’m not sure of the other wrestler’s name, but I believe they said it was Derek Bate. He is from Australia and had a pretty good presence. He complained about having to stand in the back while Buge did his entrance, both men had pretty good “goofy guy vs serious guy” banter. Buge’s very good in the ring and Bate definitely held his own.MJ Jenkins with Taynara Conti vs Lacey Lane and Caty Catanzaro (V) with Natural selection style move.All 4 women were extremely vocal and it was a very, very good match,Lacey Lane may be my new favorite wrestler. She has some very athletic moves and a great look! Caty didn’t have any crazy ninja warrior spots and still hasn’t developed a ton of character but her in ring work is excellent. Taynara Conti is great, as usual. Her more realistic style is great and I like seeing this heel side of her, fits her very well. MJ Jenkins is another one […]

  • Hey guys, Jacob “BestintheRealm” here. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately finding new music through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist (not paid by them by the way) YouTube, or even just through friends and wanted to share them with you! So I’m going to try and post these weekly maybe? It really depends on how much music I find I suppose. It’ll range from Rap to Rock and occasionally venture to weird places like whatever “The Dead South” is. Let me know on twitter @Bestintherealm if there are any artists you would like me to listen to and stay tuned to here for more music as I post it! What’s Up Danger? | Black & Black Caviar I recently watched Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse during the 4th of July weekend with my 6 month old and we both absolutely loved it. The story and visuals really live up to the hype, but so does the music. The scene this song is used in is so intense and inspiring. This is 100% a good song to wrote to,work out tor even game to. When the “Cant stop me now” verse kicks in I get goosebumps every time. I […]

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