Destiny 2 Beta finally announced! Catch up on the series so far!

FINALLY Bungie has announced the Beta for Destiny 2! It is reportedly going to contain one story a mission a strike and some PVP! These are the dates if you have pre-ordered Destiny 2:

PC: Late August 🙁

Xbox One :July 19th 10 AM PST

PS4: July 18th 10 AM PST

For anyone who doesn’t pre order (Normally ‘m against pre-order’s but this game I may make an exception.) These are the dates for the beta.

PC: again, Late August, again 🙁

Xbox One: July 21st 10 am PST

PS4: 21st 10 AM PST

Myself and BeardedGamingEntertainment will be streaming us finishing Destiny’s story this weekend! Be sure to join us as we join Lord Saladin in the Rise of Iron expansion and play some Crucible!

BestintheRealm’s Twitch:
BeardedGamingEntertainment’s Twitch:

and make sure you catch up on our whole adventure against the darkness!



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