FewTrueVillains [FTV] Destiny 2 Clan

ftv destiny 2 clan

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Destiny 2 FewTrueVillains clan. If you are interested in joining us please shoot me an email at fewtruevillainsinfo@gmail.com or post on our subreddit here if you are interested in joining please continue to read on and learn a little bit about us and what we expect from our members. I’m also going to have playlists from BeardedGamingEntertainment and my Destiny and Destiny 2 content if you want to get a bit of insight into our personalities.

“overall just have fun, enjoy the game and each other’s company.”

            Myself, JcyleG and BeardedGamingEntertainment started this clan basically For the Love of Destiny 2 and to reach out to others who also want to enjoy everything the game has to offer. In order to do that with us we ask for just a couple things, be respectful of each other, and be good at the game (quite frankly that one’s optional), but overall just have fun, enjoy the game and each other’s company.

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