My music discoveries 7/10/2019

Hey guys, Jacob “BestintheRealm” here. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately finding new music through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist (not paid by them by the way) YouTube, or even just through friends and wanted to share them with you! So I’m going to try and post these weekly maybe? It really depends on how much music I find I suppose. It’ll range from Rap to Rock and occasionally venture to weird places like whatever “The Dead South” is. Let me know on twitter @Bestintherealm if there are any artists you would like me to listen to and stay tuned to here for more music as I post it!

What’s Up Danger? | Black & Black Caviar

I recently watched Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse during the 4th of July weekend with my 6 month old and we both absolutely loved it. The story and visuals really live up to the hype, but so does the music. The scene this song is used in is so intense and inspiring. This is 100% a good song to wrote to,work out tor even game to. When the “Cant stop me now” verse kicks in I get goosebumps every time.

I Like these odds | Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard

Awesome Lyrics video!

This is one I discovered though Discover Weekly. This song has hypnotic spoken words from The Hustle Standard with raspy intense vocals from Jay Kill. Stick around for the whole song because towards the end Uncle Hustle lays down some awesome rhymes in his own section of the song. Some of the lyrics are just fantastic as well ” It takes a generation of
Square-jawed hammerheads to change these city lights ” and
“I put my life on this – Hand to God
Other hand on my chest – I like these odds “
Get me pumped up every time. This would be a fantastic entrance song for a Pro Wrestler.

Website: The Hustle Standard

Kingdom | Downstait

Speaking of pro wrestling entrance songs, Here’s the one and only Cody’s. This is a song by the band Downstait who has done many WWE songs before including Dolph Ziggler’s “Here to show the world” and The Miz’s “Here to Play” (both awesome songs by the way) but now they are working for a different wrestling company, AEW. WWE’s closest thing to a competitor currently. I’m very curious to see if WWE works with them again due to there seeming to be some bad blood brewing between the two companies. Anyway, The song was written specifically for Cody and you can tell. Many lyrical allusions to his time in WWE,
” You took my dreams but not my name
You’ll follow me until the end “
They literally took his name(not sure if this is still the case) but when Cody left WWE he couldn’t use his last name, Rhodes, Which is synonymous with pro wrestling history due to his father Dusty Rhodes and his brother Dustin Rhodes(better known as Goldust). The song is filled with as much passion as Cody is and is intense and a great song to head bang to! I could go on and on about this song and all its ties to wrestling history and present but we’ll save that for an episode of the “FewTrueHeels” podcast.

So that’s a few songs that I have been listening to a lot lately. I’m going to try and do this once a week, maybe twice? We’ll see if work and the baby allows it. Send me any suggestions to @bestintherealm and I’ll be sure to check them out.


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