Nebula,A WWE Champion and the God of Death walk into a bar

Today Netfix and Columbia pictures dropped two awesome trailers. Netflix dropped their creepy adaptation of the popular manga and anime “Death Note”. This one I don’t know a lot about and I’m going to keep it that way. From what I can tell A kid, probably stupid kid, finds is given a journal of sorts that if you right a persons name in it they will somehow die. This books seems to be accompanied by the God of Death himself from Japanese folklore. I am pretty excited about this as Willem Dafoe is an awesome actor and looks really damn creepy as the God of Death.

You can see that trailer here:

Columbia pictures also dropped an awesome Trailer for their highly anticipated(at least by me) trailer for Jumanji with the subtitle, Welcome to the Jungle. It stars The Rock(hell yeah), Kevin Hart,(funniest man alive), Karen Gillan ( Loved her in Doctor Who) and the always funny Jack Black(Who doesn’t love Pick of Destiny?) This makes for a star studded cast of comedians and action stars. The story has taken a modern turn as this iteration of Jumanji is 4 teenagers being transported into a video game and taking over the bodies of the characters. It’s a strong departure and I am willing to bet there are some upset people out there who want it to stay in the past and remain the same as the old one but this fresh take on one of my favorite movies of all time is a welcome one in my book.

You can see that trailer here: 

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