The grind to 380 in Destiny 2 will be harder, yay?

According to Bungie’s weekly update which you can find here, the cap to get to 380 with the new Warmind expansion will take much longer to get to than with the Osiris expansion. This isn’t necessarily a good thing to me as the game still hasn’t become any more interesting, but here’s hoping that all of that changes with the expansion, Hopefully there’s a lot more to do. If it’s just some story missions and a handful of new adventures like with Osiris I personally will be severely disappointed and will probably never reach the 380 cap. Making us grind more is not the answer to Destiny 2’s content issue, making the game more interesting so that we want to go back to have fun rather than be forced to go back and mindlessly grind and resent the game for it with hopes that it is one day good.


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