The Untitled Story: Many Demons

The Traveler walks into the gross, dimly lit bar. It looks a little bit better than the rest of the city, maybe just less bullet holes. A lone female is sitting at the end of he bar, clearly already having drank her fair share or more. shes heavily armed with a SMG and 2 strange swords. Shes looks over at The Traveler and moves her coat to cover the weapons. “Don’t scare off another customer Kira.” the bartender tells her. ” Well, why don’t you help me with that?” she says holding an empty glass. The bartender pours a small amount of alcohol into the glass. “What happened here? Where are all the people?” The Traveler asks the bartender. “and why are you so heavily armed?” He ask Kira. “Most people left when Calypso showed up, says he is taking over before Galiono comes back. Some of our best men went off to get help, some went to deal with their demons .” Kira grimaced “and some of us stayed to deal with our demons, specifically 2. ” she said observing her empty glass holding it up to the dim ceiling light. ” The bartender takes the glass and fills it up just a little bit again. “you have 3.” he says referring to the glass. ” Yeah well this one keeps the other two from killing each other.” She takes one large drink and slams the glass down while quickly standing up. “I’m leavin, this asshole has killed the mood in here.” she says staggering as she turns to leave, as she walks past The Travler she runs her shoulder into him. The Traveler doesn’t budge at all knocking her back a bit. “Oh? Strong man huh?” she says looking up at him. “ She is much shorter than The Traveler thought. Her face recently hurt like she was in a fist fight with someone. “What is that package for? why does it have her crest?” Kira said staring right in the Travelers eyes. He adjusts his bag to cover the package better. ” I don’t know what it is I just know its for someone very important that I hope is still here.” The Traveler tells her staring right back and putting his hand on his revolver. ” she spots him move his hand and throws her arms up. “NOT CAUSING PROBLEMS, THIS IS ME NOT CAUSING PROBLEMS! BYE COLLIN!” She waves to the bartender, The Traveler looks over and realizes that Colin, the bartender, has a rifle trained on him. “Buddy don’t be scaring away my regulars, now get the hell out or i’ll find out whats in the package over your dead body. ” Colin motions with the rifle toward the door. “Thats not how that saying usually goes, but ok i’ll leave.” he starts to walk toward the door. but stops short after seeing Kira standing across the street watching him. “Where did Galiono go? And who is she? Normal folks dont have weapons like those.” The bartender looks at him and slightly lowers the rifle, realizing the Traveler may be friendly. “I tell you and you get out ok? We need Galiono back, He went to the future city to get help. No one thought Calypso would be here so quick, and her? shes none of your bsiness. just don’t cross her bodyguard here or he will kill you.” The Traveler looked outside for a bodyguard before feeling the presence of someone next to him. He looks over at a dark haired man with a muscular build and a large shotgun on his back holding an axe in his hand. “ Oh hi, you look friendly.” The Traveler said to him, very much surprised that anyone else was in the rom. “ the intimidating look quickly leaves the mans face and he puts the axe away. “I try to be, but that only seems to get you killed anymore.” The man said as he walked away. The Traveler looked to where Kira has been but she was gone, which may be scarier.


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