The unnamed story: Synopsis

China decided instead of attacking America on the California coast, they tore through Europe destroying most of its people, its land, and its resources along the way. America was not prepared for this and most of the West Coast was destroyed. There are bastions of life in Europe still, cities like Berlin, Moscow, and other major European cities have managed to survive. Japan has decided that it can’t fight China so they and Korea have joined forces with them basically against their will. There are many in Japan including a large number of American soldiers that have splintered off into resistance movements including the main characters close confidant Mary who is a trained assassin and head of a major military group that is a traditional Japanese order. Two of her closest companions are Kira who wields two chain swords and Riza who is a sharpshooter and has a former relationship with the main character. Back in America the main character along with his military unit, organized chaos, have once again been sent out into the field on a suicide mission. This is clearly a political thing as main character is thought as a leader of what is left of the American forces. His closest companion Neodin, American Sniper and Technology expert, believes that they are going to be cut off very soon from all their supplies and attacked by American forces so that Zion, the primary antagonist can kill the president and take what power he has left to try and salvage America to fight back against the Eurasian forces. Both sides have very good points and have nothing but good intentions but the main character is seen as a stronger leader and the antagonist is seen as being a bit of a psychopath as his tactics are very guerrilla warfare like.


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