Why Payback was a great PPV

I can’t understand how anyone didn’t like this PPV. Did you people like Wrestlemania? probably not.

Jericho vs Owens was pretty good and i love that Jericho went after Owens finger, that was a petty good call back. Jericho shouldn’t be champ though didn’t like that, solid match though.

Aries Vs Neville was freakin great, these guys are beyond talented and I’m proud to say I’ve been watching them for years and have met Neville, super nice dude. His King Neville character is incredible and I am so glad we’re getting a part three of this feud.

Hardyz vs Shesaro was a solid match with alot of awesome spots, that white noise off the top rope was great and Jeff lost a tooth! It was awesome seeing the good sportsmanship at the end but even better to see Cesaro and Sheamus turn heels and decimate the Hardyz.

Bliss Vs Bayley was a great match, these two women are at the top of their game but Alexa is the best women wrestler in the business right now and I’m glad they are pushing her to the moon! It was really cool to see Alexa hit Bayley really Hard in the head twice and then use the DDT to maximum effectiveness to pick up the win.

Bray Vs Randy in the house of horrors was different. It’s not nearly as bad as everyone thinks, their feud has been weird from the beginning and this just raised the bar that much more. This was up their with those boiler room brawls or hardcore matches from everyone’s precious Attitude Era so I’m surprised it’s getting so much hate. They even manged to further the feud with Jinder and get him some huge heat by screwing up the end of the match.

Seth Rollins Vs Samoa Joe was awesome and I’m sure is just the beginning of this renewed rivalry that I am sure is only going to escalate from here. Seth got a sorta BS finish and it’s interesting that they seem to be protecting Seth’s new finish until its a bigger moment.

Strowman Vs Reigns was a solid match that told a good story of Monster Braun versus a very.very injured Roman. Braun got hit with a bunch of superman punches and spear and Braun still ended up hitting him with TWO running power slams. He then proceeded to hit Roman twice in brutal ways with the steps and absolutely decimate him. Roman managed to walk out of the arena bleeding profusely. That was awesome when we heard Braun screaming, Roman dodge and that Ambulance door went flying! Clearly this isn’t the end for these guys and I cant wait to see more, especially Braun.

So tell me HOW WAS THIS PPV BAD????

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